When to Replace Your Septic System

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With the proper care and maintenance, you can keep a septic system operating smoothly for many years. However, as with all major pieces of equipment, the system will eventually reach a point where it exceeds its useful lifespan and will need to be replaced.

So how do you know when it’s time to opt for septic system replacement in Comal County, TX instead of continuing to try to maintain and repair the system as needed? Here are some factors to consider:

The age of the system: ​As we alluded to already, eventually the system will get to the point where it’s so old that the issues that are causing you difficulties will continue to become more and more common, even if you stay on top of routine preventative maintenance. If you have an older home with a septic system that’s been in place for decades, and you notice the problems with the system becoming more frequent, then it’s probably a good idea to move forward with replacement instead of sinking money into septic system repair in areas around Comal County, TX.

It’s draining slowly:​ If you regularly have issues with long draining times for bathtubs or sinks, this could simply be a sign of a clog. However, if all of your sinks are draining slowly, there’s probably a larger issue causing the problem. There could be a major sludge buildup in the tank that causes water to move more slowly through the system. This could mean it’s time for you to pump the tank, or it could mean you need to replace the system—you should have a professional take a look.

You have standing water in your yard:​ Standing water in your yard generally means there’s an issue with your drain field. You need to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse. If the drain field is clogged up with roots or if the soil is compacted in the area, this could prevent the water from draining properly in the soil. You might be able to get away with making some repairs, or even replacing the drain field without having to replace the rest of the septic system.

The system no longer meets your needs:​ In some cases, you might have a septic system that’s functioning just fine, but it simply no longer meets the needs of your household. Perhaps you put on an addition and now are using more water in your house. Perhaps you have kids, or have a parent who has moved in with you, which has increased your water usage. If the tank is too small for your needs, you’ll want to upgrade the system to better suit your needs and lifestyle.

These are just a few examples of some of the circumstances in which you might consider ​septic system replacement​ in Comal County, TX instead of getting repairs done on the equipment. For more information about our septic system services, we encourage you to contact the team at Countryside Construction Inc. today.

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