Dos and Don’ts of Aerobic System Maintenance

August 14, 2020 7:21 pm Published by Writing Staff

Your aerobic septic system needs repair and maintenance in Texas in order to keep it functioning as smoothly as possible. Your aerobic system is designed to handle human waste, water and toilet paper only, so if you’re not exhibiting the utmost care, you may run into problems.
Here’s an overview of what to do and what to avoid in order to keep your aerobic septic system operating in top condition.

Aerobic septic system things to do

  • Hire a licensed inspector for routine maintenance: Your aerobic system needs to be inspected about once every four months. Always make sure you hire a licensed inspector who is familiar with your specific septic system and hardware.
  • Be careful what you flush: You must be careful with what goes down your toilet and drains. Fat, oil, grease, kitty litter, food scraps, certain chemicals and detergents, feminine hygiene products, cigarettes and medications should not go into your system—they can clog your tank or leach into the groundwater.
  • Check your chlorinator once per month: Make sure you inspect your chlorinator once per month, and call a maintenance provider if you notice any issues.
  • Keep your landscaping contained: Your septic system needs to be easily accessible at all times. Never landscape over your drain field or tank.
  • Watch out for pests: If you see ants or other pests congregating around your septic system, hire an exterminator to take care of them as soon as possible.
  • Pump your system regularly: Make sure you follow a regular septic pumping schedule, and if your maintenance provider suggests pumping earlier than usual, follow their advice.

What to avoid with your aerobic septic system

  • Don’t overload the system: Try to avoid doing all your laundry, dishes and other water-using activities all on one day, as it can overwork your system and result in a need for aerobic septic repair in Texas.
  • Don’t use swimming pool chlorine: Only use chlorine tablets specifically designed for your system and the estimated wastewater load.
  • Don’t ignore the alarm: If your system’s alarm goes off, don’t worry—just call a maintenance provider and have them help you determine what the issue is. However, avoiding or ignoring the alarm can make any problems a lot worse.
  • Don’t store chlorine near heat sources: Chlorine should be stored in a cool, dry place, far away from heaters—including water heaters. Refer to the package directions for any other specific instructions about how and where to store your chlorine tablets.
  • Don’t DIY or allow anyone but septic maintenance contractors to make repairs: It might be tempting to save money and try to DIY your maintenance and repairs, or let plumbers, landscapers and other professionals take a crack at it, but you are liable to end up with other problems as a result. Only work with licensed, certified septic system repair contractors so you can be assured your system is maintained properly.

To schedule an appointment for aerobic septic system maintenance and repair in Texas, get in touch with the team at Countryside Construction Inc. today.

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