Simple Tips for Maintaining a Septic System

April 26, 2021 8:27 pm Published by Writing Staff

Septic system maintenance isn’t a thought that often crosses a homeowner’s mind. The truth is that they need just as much, if not more, attention as everything else in your home. Below you’ll learn quick and simple tips for how to maintain a septic system, including why it’s so important to schedule inspections.

Practice water conservation

Septic systems are limited in how much wastewater they can hold at any given time. Homeowners can minimize how often they need septic system maintenance by conserving their water usage. Start by looking for areas of the house that use unnecessary amounts of water. Single drops from a leaky faucet can really add up, so replacing old appliances and fixtures is an easy way to cut back on the water that flows into your septic system.

You can also install faucets, showerheads and toilets that are economic in their water usage. Newer models are designed to reduce the flow of water without compromising water pressure. Replacing all the hardware in your house can get expensive, so one thing you can do right away is cut back on how much water fills the washing machine every time you do laundry.

Track what goes down the drain

Another way to maintain a septic system is by deciding what should or should not go down the kitchen sink’s drain. Just because your sink is equipped with a garbage disposal doesn’t mean just anything can go down there! The number one culprit is grease left over from meals. Grease melts into a liquid state when it’s washed down with hot water, and it can stick to the garbage disposal blades and clog the pipes as it cools.

Many foods are difficult to grind in the garbage disposal. Big pieces like fruit pits, melon rinds, chicken bones and other similar foods should go in the trash bin. Even food scraps that are easy to process with a garbage disposal should get tossed whenever possible. The less solid waste you send down the drain, the less often you’ll need septic system maintenance.

Schedule annual inspections

Properly maintaining a septic system doesn’t stop at water conservation and garbage disposals. On top of all these good efforts, homeowners still need to schedule inspections for their septic systems. It’s better to have regular inspections and rectify problems as soon as possible than skip the inspection fees and pay for it later.

Some maintenance needs are likely to be beyond your control. The typical homeowner isn’t trained to remedy problems that crop up in a septic system. If you suspect something’s not right, contact Countryside Construction Inc. right away. We’ll dispatch our friendly team of professionals to your home as soon as possible!

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