Excavation Do’s and Don’ts

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Excavation work can include pit excavation, surface excavations, trenches, caving, drives, and wells. It helps move rock, soil, and other materials to ensure that the pipes, septic tanks, paths, and foundations are sturdy and secure underneath. Countryside Construction Inc. provides services and solutions that exceed other general construction or excavation companies.

Protect your workers, and get the project completed well by reading our list of top do’s and dont’s of excavating.

Excavations Do’s

Here are some excavations do’s you should keep in mind.

Hire a Contractor

Due to the hard labor and risks involved, it’s best to hire a licensed contractor with vast experience working on large-scale projects. They’ll bring the depth and breadth of excavation knowledge, advanced equipment, and a highly-skilled workforce.

Call 811 Before Work

Millions of miles of circuits and pipes are submerged around the country. They carry electricity, water, gas, and other essential materials to modern life.

Accidentally damaging any of these lines during excavation might interfere with the utility access and lead to severe injuries. Call 811 before digging! 811 is a national number that connects you with your local utility firms which help confirm the excavation red flags.

Put on Protective Clothing

Protective gears like steel toecap boots, hard hats, and bright coveralls are mandatory for anyone accessing a construction site. This help minimize the risks of accidents and injuries.

Carry Out Atmospheric Tests

Avoid getting into trenches before conducting atmospheric tests for hazardous gases or fumes. These toxic gases and fumes might sink into excavated places’ bottoms and accumulate. This causes the bottom level of targeted areas to become perilously low in oxygen.

Always Prepare for Emergencies

Accidents can happen anytime at the excavating site. It would be best if you prepared for emergencies. Create a list of emergency contacts for local medics, firefighters, and law enforcement.

Excavation Don’ts

Here are some excavation don’ts.

Unprotected Trench

Keep a safe distance from unprotected trenches as cave-ins might occur within seconds and lead to severe injuries. Also, notify your neighbor about the project and secure any children or pets.

Forget the Weather

Weather conditions influence the safety of an excavation site. Excessive rains might lead to flooding, and high winds make navigating an open work site not sheltered by trees or buildings daunting. If heavy storms, rain, or high winds are forecasted, adjust the day’s schedule!

Entrances and Exits

Establish separate areas for entrances and exits before starting the work. They must be clearly labeled, too. Most importantly, daily inspections of the area ensure the project is completed successfully.

Excavating Practices

Avoid piling up the excavated earth on the side of trenches. The pile can slip back into the trenches due to the loose soil. So, ensure the soil and other surcharges are placed about three feet away from the trenches.

Suspended Loads

Don’t let your workers work under raised loads. Whether the loads are being moved by cranes or are suspended, ensure there are no people underneath.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now understand what to look for when excavating. If you have an excavation project, look no further than Countryside Construction Inc. We have the best equipment and the experience for your project. Contact us for expert consultation.

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