Tips for Spring Septic Tank Maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX

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Septic systems are usually housed underground, meaning they’re often out of sight, out of mind for property owners. While this mindset is common, forgetting about your septic tank can lead to disaster on your property, because the system can clog or break down, backing sewage up into your building. To avoid these breakdowns, you should put septic tank maintenance at the top of your to-do list.

Springtime is approaching, and once the seasons change and temperatures rise, septic tank problems begin to emerge. To avoid paying for costly repairs later, now is the perfect time to hire someone to do septic tank maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX, or do it at home on your own. Here are some tips to follow for springtime septic tank maintenance and care:

  • Watch for flooding: If you live in an area that has snow or is prone to a lot of rainfall, keep a close eye out for flooding of your septic tank. Excessive water causes the water table to rise on your property and can potentially cause your septic tank to flood, resulting in tank damage and hazardous waste in your yard! Pay close attention to whether puddles are forming near your tank, as this is an indicator of flooding.
  • Direct gutter downspouts away from septic system: In addition to a higher water table in spring, rainfall coming down your gutter downspouts has the potential to flood your septic tank. Be sure to point them away from the tank area to avoid any mishaps.
  • Change your filters: Septic tank filters should be changed and cleaned at least once a year, and what better time to have this done than when other spring cleaning is occurring for your system? Although you can change these filters yourself, we recommend letting a professional handle it when they come to perform regular maintenance.
  • Schedule an inspection: Your septic tank should be inspected by a professional regularly to ensure there are no problems with the system and to address any issues before they become more serious. Spring is a great time to have an inspection scheduled because winter weather can sometimes damage the system, and it’s best to have it checked soon after snow and ice melt.
  • Have the tank pumped: Your septic tank should be pumped out every few years, at least, by a professional. Late spring is an optimal time for septic tank pumping because the ground is warmer. If your tank is due to be pumped, have this scheduled alongside your routine maintenance visit.
  • Make slight changes to your routine: To help cut down on the frequency with which your septic tank must be pumped and serviced, you can make a few slight changes to your wastewater usage. Start the new season off with less wasteful habits, such as utilizing less water for everyday tasks, cutting down on your use of the garbage disposal and using toilet paper that breaks down more easily in your septic system. These changes will improve the overall functionality of your system and keep cleaning costs lower.

This spring, be sure to call Countryside Construction Inc. to perform your routine septic tank maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX. We have 35 years of experience in septic system design, installation, repair and maintenance and will be able to meet your wastewater treatment needs. Call today!

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