How Septic Systems Work

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Have you ever wondered how septic systems in Canyon Lake, TX work? If your property includes one of these systems, it’s important to have a basic understanding of its operation. This will allow you to properly maintain the system and perform basic troubleshooting procedures. If you ever need repairs, you will also be better equipped to answer questions and discuss your needs with the technician.

The Basics

Typically, a septic system in Canyon Lake, TX is made up of a septic tank and a drain field. The field is also commonly referred to as an absorption field. The system includes access points that look like manholes.

The Flow

When you use water on your property (for dishes, bathing, etc.) it flows through this septic tank process:

  • The water leaves your house through a main drain into your septic tank.
  • The septic tank, a water-tight container made of concrete, polyethylene or fiberglass, is buried on your property. It holds all the wastewater leaving your home to allow solids and liquids to separate for dispersal.
  • As wastewater sits in your tank, solids settle to the bottom and oil and grease float to the top. Compartments in the tank prevent the sludge portion from leaving the tank and entering the drain field.
  • The liquids exit the tank and enter the drain field, which is a shallow excavation created in absorbent soil.
  • Pretreated wastewater flows through porous surfaces that filter it into the soil. The soil percolates the wastewater, then discharges it to groundwater.
  • This process naturally removes harmful bacteria and viruses before the wastewater enters the groundwater.

The Location

Do you know where your system is located? It’s essential to know where your drain field is situated on your property. You should avoid placing any structures on this area and avoid heavy vehicle traffic on the drain field. If you’re going to install a pool, you’ll obviously need to avoid this part of your property, too.

The Red Flags

At times, a septic system malfunctions and requires repairs. Watch for the following signs that your septic system in Canyon Lake, TX needs attention.

  • Strong odors around your tank or drain field
  • Backups in your household drains
  • Bright, spongy grass in your drain field
  • Mud or pooling water around your system or in the basement

The Maintenance

To avoid these situations, schedule regular maintenance for your septic system in Canyon Lake, TX. The system should be inspected at least once a year and scheduled for regular pumping and cleaning. This professional maintenance requires an investment, but it is well worth the time and money to keep your system operating smoothly, and will help you save both in the long run.

The Pros

The experts at Countryside Construction Inc. are available to assist you with all your septic tank needs. If you have questions about the operation of your system, need to locate your system or would like to schedule maintenance or repairs, contact our team. We offer a full line of services for your septic system in Canyon Lake, TX.

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