Five Ways to Fix an Erosion Problem

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Wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail and gravity consistently tear away at the soil. This process of erosion can greatly alter a landscape. The changes may happen slowly over time, or a severe event may cause drastic changes in a matter of minutes. Countryside Construction Inc. in Canyon Lake, TX realizes property owners can rarely prevent every instance of erosion. However, you can take steps to slow it down and protect your property from the worst of the wear.

If your property includes hillsides, water features or other landscapes that are prone to erosion, it’s especially important to take action. Use the following top tips to fix or prevent erosion problems:

  • Baffle erosion with a barrier: This is often a good solution for smaller slopes. Construct a baffle (barrier) that protects the slope from water erosion. The barrier slows down water flow or redirects the flow to prevent erosion. These baffles are typically made of stone or timbers that are partially buried in the slope, and installed in a direction parallel to the slope.
  • Rock erosion to sleep: Use granite rock on your slope as riprap. Riprap slows down and diverts water flow to prevent erosion. Spread rough, loose stone on your embankment slope in a line at least six inches wide. If you are concerned about the appearance of the riprap, combine it with ground covers or rock garden plants to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Take steps to stop erosion: Building a stair-step into your slope can be an effective way to prevent erosion. This terrace will allow water to soak into each step, rather than run down a hill. A terrace can also be made of a single wall rather than steps. This retaining wall should be constructed of concrete, stone or timber. If you build a stepped terrace, be sure to leave a slight slope to the land at each level, to prevent water from pooling or flowing back into the retaining wall.
  • Go green: Plants are an effective, natural method of stopping erosion. While planting on a slope can be challenging, the vegetation will help hold the soil in place. The plants’ roots help anchor the soil to prevent it from eroding away. As a bonus, you get to enjoy beautiful greenery on your hillside.
  • Put down roots: If you’re open to planting on your slope, consider choosing turf grass as your erosion protection. This grass offers roots that spread into an extensive system that can cover miles of land. As the roots bind the soil together, your property is less likely to suffer from erosion.

Do you need additional assistance with an erosion problem? Countryside Construction Inc. in Canyon Lake, TX is a leader in the wastewater management industry. Our staff possesses in-depth knowledge of land use and erosion prevention so we can provide lasting installations and maintenance of water systems. Contact our team today with any questions or to get started on your next project. We look forward to partnering with you for successful erosion prevention.

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