What to Know About Service / Maintenance Contracts for Aerobic Septic System Maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX

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New homes and businesses being built in the thriving Texas Hill Country are making use of eco-friendly Aerobic Septic Systems. On-site sewage facilities are rapidly being permitted and utilized where there are no municipal sewage services available. More importantly, environmental concerns warrant the regulation of such waste disposal methods in order to help maintain our health and fresh drinking water resources.

The engineer who designs the system’s layout uses site and soil evaluations to determine the size, type, and location of all septic system installations both commercial and residential. In many areas, soil conditions make it impossible to install or use conventional systems. In all septic tanks, liquids get separated from solids before being released to the drain field via underground piping, because not all soil in the area absorb pollutants in the same way the utilization of Aerobic Septic Systems became and continue to be important in construction.

This means there are also different processes used for Aerobic Septic System maintenance in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas. The needs and considerations that followed the State’s regulation led to the inception of Service Agreements with professional septic system technicians. Maintenance contracts are now required for all new drip and spray Aerobic Septic Systems for (2) years after installation. In the following section, there is a brief overview of what you need to know.

A quick look at service contracts

Because these types of systems have many working components that can break down over time and with regular use, it is imperative to have the system inspected at regular intervals to ensure all electrical and mechanical elements are functioning as designed.

Surface irrigation through the use of sprinklers is an example of a type of dispersal method that can actually increase public health risks when compared to other methods such as gravel trenches, field lines and ET beds. Because there is an increased risk in public health with some methods of dispersal, the state of Texas and its various counties get involved with the installation and maintenance of these septic systems. When under Contract, Countryside Construction is ever vigilant to ensure that all safety and health concerns are met, both for our customers and the State.

Septic tanks and subsurface dispersal methods don’t require maintenance contracts in most other cases because they are below the ground and are not typically at risk of contact with the general public. But as we already mentioned, some of the differences in soil conditions and dispersal methods used make it necessary for the state to have its own rules.
Yearly Service Contracts are not a warranty on the numerous parts or material that come together in the design of your Aerobic Septic System. Instead, both the Initial (2) Year Agreement and (1) Year Agreement, required in some counties provide preventative maintenance to insure that the septic system is functioning correctly and is environmentally sound. All service contracts feature hands-on inspections and written reports from certified technicians which may include extra services such as parts replacements or service Suggestions for the Customer. Extensive repair and replacement of parts are standard operating procedures for Countryside Construction.

Clearly there is a lot to consider when construction requires the installation of on-site waste facilities and the service contracts required by the state. For more information on new installs or yearly maintenance contracts, contact the team at Countryside Construction Inc. to discuss septic system maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX.

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