Is My Aerobic Septic System Supposed to Run All the Time?

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One of the questions we receive from our clients is about whether their aerobic septic system is supposed to be running constantly. The answer is yes and no ~ The majority of Septic Systems have air compressors that run constantly. However some brands like Norweco have an Aerator that is designed to run 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

The question itself tends to reveal a lack of understanding of how exactly septic systems are supposed to function. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a general overview of how aerobic and non-aerobic septic systems work so you can feel a little more secure in the operation of your system at your home. Here’s some information to consider.

The Tank

The primary components of a Septic System: are a septic tank and a spray or drainfield. The tank usually comes in a rectangular or cylindrical shape and is typically made of concrete, polyethylene or fiberglass. The wastewater from the plumbing fixtures on your property drains into that tank. The solids that enter the septic tank float on top the water where it interacts with healthy Bacteria and begins disposing. Minuscule non-biodegradable particles settle to the bottom forming a layer of sludge. You’ll find several varieties of tanks, including double-compartment and single-compartment septic tanks.

The wastewater that leaves the tank is called effluent. Though it has received some treatment, it still carries diseases, pollutants and organic wastes, and must be properly treated. Therefore, effluent should not be discharged onto the surface of the ground, or in any surface or ground water.

The Drainfield

The drainfield is the area in which the liquid from the septic tank flows into the yard or surrounding area through a series of pipes to get their final treatment by organisms that are naturally found in the soil. The drainfield should be covered sufficiently by grasses or

shallow-rooted plants. The drainfield should never be driven over, or have any heavy items stored or built on top of it. Its ability to be an effective filter could be damaged by impacted soil.

Both these elements of your septic system should be in constant operation. Consider how frequently you use water sources in your home, plus the fact that the bacteria in the system must react with the solids over a long period of time, and you can see why constant operation of the system is not just normal, but necessary.

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