Common Problems That Occur with Aerobic Septic Systems

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Do you use an aerobic treatment system in Canyon Lake, TX? Perhaps you are about to purchase or move into a property that uses an aerobic septic system. If you are new to this type of septic system, it is important that you understand that they are very different from standard septic systems, and they come with their own unique potential problems.

If you hire a trained and licensed professional for regular aerobic septic system maintenance, then you probably will not have anything to worry about with your system. That said, problems can still occur, so it is important that you be made aware of them. After all, you can only prevent or fix a problem once you know it exists!

Here is an overview of some of the most common problems that might come up with your aerobic treatment system in Canyon Lake, TX:

  • No power: If you notice that your aerobic septic system has simply stopped working, do not panic! First, check to see if the power switch for your aerobic septic system has been accidentally turned off, and that the power breaker hasn’t been tripped. This is often the case, and is among the easiest problems to solve.
  • Submersible pump issues: Is your submersible pump not working correctly? Sometimes, the best way to fix this is to simply invest in a new submersible pump. But it might be an issue of bad wiring or a bad float, which is something that can be fixed without necessarily needing to replace the entire pump.
  • Poor air pressure: Have you noticed that the air pressure in your aerobic septic system isn’t where it ought to be? This is a potentially big problem for your system’s ability to operate. But it can be fixed by buying a new aerator, or fixing any issues with your existing aerator if possible.
  • Timer or photocell not working: The timer and photocell are two very important parts of your aerobic septic system, as they hold the water in the pump tank until it is ready to be released. If this part of your system isn’t working correctly, there is likely an issue with one of these components.
  • Spray head not working: If your spray head stops rotating or stops popping down after spraying, there could be an issue with it. Fortunately, it will be easy for a professional to fix or replace this component.
  • No proper maintenance: If you fail to have your aerobic septic system regularly serviced by a trained and licensed professional, then the odds of one of the problems described above happening to you go way up. Avoid this fate by sticking to a strict maintenance schedule, and trusting an expert with the job.

Do you suspect something is wrong with your septic system, but aren’t sure what it is? We are here to help! Give Countryside Construction Inc. a call, and we will send someone to help you with your aerobic treatment system in Canyon Lake, TX. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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