What You Should Know About Aerobic Septic Systems in Canyon Lake, TX

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Aerobic septic systems differ from your standard septic systems in that they introduce oxygen into the process. Conventional systems only use the septic tank to separate out the greases, fats and solids, whereas aerobic systems push oxygen into the system to allow aerobic bacteria and microbes to go to work on cleaning the wastewater.

What exactly makes this so beneficial, and what else do you need to know about aerobic septic systems in Canyon Lake, TX? Here’s some information to consider.

Why you might opt for an aerobic septic system

There are a variety of situations in which you might decide to go with an aerobic septic system rather than a standard anaerobic tank.

The biggest reason is that aerobic septic systems clean the wastewater better than a standard system. Aerobic bacteria do a much better job than anaerobic bacteria of cleaning the wastewater to the fullest extent, and it does so more quickly. This means that the water that seeps out into the drain field after it’s gone through the system is going to be cleaner.
What makes this so important? After all, the wastewater still needs to get filtered even more after it’s been pushed out into the drain field, right?

Well, if you have a high water table on your property, or if your septic system is located anywhere near a well or an aquifer, there’s a much greater potential for contaminating that water if you have a standard septic system than if you have an aerobic septic system. Because the water from an aerobic septic system comes out into the drain field much cleaner, you don’t have to worry quite as much about the effects it could potentially have on water surrounding your property.
In addition, a higher water table on your property could also result in a conventional gravity system malfunctioning, which could force sewage back on to your property. With an aerobic treatment unit, this isn’t going to be an issue you have to concern yourself with.

What to know about switching to aerobic

Now, if you’re interested in switching from a conventional system to an aerobic system (as people are doing in increasingly large numbers all across the United States), you do need to be aware of the differences in how the systems are installed and designed, and not just the differences in how they operate. Aerobic septic systems have more parts than conventional systems because they need electrical components, pumps and compressors to be able to introduce air into the system and allow the aerobic bacteria to do its job.

The systems work in much the same way aside from the introduction of air—the entire purpose is to separate the water from the solids and to send the treated water back out into a nearby drain field for further filtering.

For more information about the differences between aerobic and conventional septic systems and what you should know about aerobic septic systems in Canyon Lake, TX, contact the experts at Countryside Construction Inc. today.

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