Four Main Types of Excavation

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Earthwork is an integral part of every building project. Moving a portion of the earth’s surface from one location to another is never easy, and always needs to be done within the scope of the project. A typical way to classify earthwork is to categorize it by the type of material being excavated. This will affect a number of factors, including the length and cost of the job. Also, you’ll need to think about what will be done with the excavated material once the work is complete.

When you need excavating contractors in Canyon Lake, TX, know that you can always turn to Countryside Construction Inc. Here’s a closer look at the four main types of excavation that are useful to know:

  • Muck excavation: This includes removing excess water and soil that is not desirable. The consistency of the material is determined by measuring water content. Muck can rarely be used in embankments due to its lack of stability. Removing the water is done via spreading the material over a large area and then allowing it to dry. This will stabilize the muck with other materials and reduce its water content.
  • Topsoil excavation: This includes removing the top layer of the earth’s surface, and may include removing vegetation. Topsoil, also known as mantle soil, supports the growth of trees and plants. This means it contains moisture, which may need to be removed to make it easier to handle. Typically, topsoil is then stockpiled and used later on for landscaping elements, to control erosion or to help with the growth of vegetation and trees. 
  • Earth excavation: This includes the removal of soil under the topsoil layer. This is often done in the construction of foundations and embankments. Earth is moved by using scrapers and other types of earthmoving equipment. Rock excavation will include drilling and blasting. Rock can typically be reused for embankments and foundations. 
  • Other excavation: This includes any combination of moving topsoil, earth, rock and muck. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to combine the different kinds of earthmoving to make a project happen. Sometimes contractors will use this classification to avoid the sometimes-unclear differences between the material. When excavation is unclassified, the contractor must still carry out the work according to the lines and grids as shown by the project’s plans. 

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