Four Reasons to Install an Aerobic Septic System

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For those used to being on city water and sewer lines, aerobic treatment system installation near Canyon Lake, TX can be an overwhelming prospect when you buy your first rural property. Just as with any system, there are options with septic, and an aerobic septic system is one of the best. If you are in need of a septic system, here are four reasons why you should choose an aerobic one:

Better treatment

Traditional septic systems carry the risk of groundwater contamination. Anyone who has experienced a septic system failure knows the extent of this disaster; often, nothing more than an excavation and full reinstallation of a septic system will solve the problem.

Unsuitable soil

Unfortunately, not all properties are optimal for septic systems. If your land contains rocky or clay soils, an adequate absorption field becomes impossible. Aerobic systems do not have any particular soil requirements because most treatment occurs within the unit, rather than in the soil. So, if you find soil conditions lead most contractors to reject a bid, an aerobic system is likely the best option for you. It is often the best choice when conditions do not cooperate with traditional systems.

Challenging lot

Trees, access, surface improvements and other elements of your lot can make septic installation challenging. While a lot may have the space for a traditional septic system, an in-ground pool, large deck or mature trees can make accommodating it a challenge. Aerobic systems are space-efficient and flexible. They can work around these features and avoid interfering with them. So, if you want to keep that large pool and your oak trees, aerobic septic systems are your best option.

Water recycling

You’ll never waste water again with an aerobic septic system! Water used at home for showers, dishes, laundry and other tasks is reused to water your lawn. At the same time, you do not have to worry about detergents and soap ruining your landscaping. The system treats the water before spraying it on your lawn. You can install a sprinkler system at the same time you put in the new septic system.

All of these advantages are possible with good maintenance. Like traditional septic systems, your aerobic septic system still requires attention. As they are more advanced, aerobic septic systems in the foothills of Texas must be checked every four months to ensure good functioning and water quality. Never service your aerobic system on your own—hire a professional and you will enjoy these benefits over the long term.

If you seek aerobic treatment installation near Canyon Lake, TX, Countryside Construction Inc. is your local authority on septic solutions. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find the best tailored septic solution for your home or business.

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