Types of Septic System Design

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When it comes to septic system design in Canyon Lake, TX, you have options. Many factors determine the type of design appropriate for your lot—soil type, land features, etc. However, there is an ideal system for any land condition and property. Here are the six types of design available on the market:

Aerobic treatment unit

Is like a miniature sewage plant on your own land. The system includes an air pump that injects oxygen into a treatment tank. This increases natural bacterial activity that provides treatment to waste in the water. All systems include both pre-treatment and final treatment tanks to encourage additional disinfection. Aerobic treatment units work in any land conditions and are ideal for small lots and inadequate soil conditions.

Septic tank system

A more traditional option, this is what immediately comes to mind when you mention septic systems to lay people. Septic tanks are watertight and buried below ground where they received and treat the wastewater. The solid waste in the tank floats on top, where the healthy bacteria in the systems breaks it down. The minute non-biodegradable particles settle to the bottom inside the tank. Waste remains inside the tank and the treated water is emitted to the drainfield. These drain fields are usually designed using gravel or small stone.

Chamber system

The chamber system is similar to the septic tank described above and offers an alternative to the gravel design. The chamber is buried below ground and the area around it is covered with soil. Pipes carry the treated wastewater from the tank where treatment occurs to the chambers for absorption or evaporation.
Mound systems: If you have shallow soil depth, high groundwater or shallow bedrock, the mound system will work for you. The drain field is located beneath a constructed sand mound. Wastewater from the septic tank flows to a pump chamber, which sends it to the mound. Effluent filters through the sand and disperses through native soil.

Drip distribution system

While a good option for properties that cannot accommodate a large soil mound, this option has its disadvantages. It requires a larger dose tank in addition to a septic tank so it can time the drip water for treatment. Also, it cannot run without electrical power, which demands more maintenance and expense.

Countryside Construction Inc. offers assistance with septic tank design in Canyon Lake, TX, as well as general septic system design. If you are in need of a new system for new construction or to replace an old one, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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