How Temperature Impacts Onsite Wastewater Treatment

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From the moment you flush the toilet or turn on the shower, your septic system kicks into action, whisking away all the stuff you’d rather not see again. Your wastewater flows through the pipes in your home and into the tank, where it is treated by healthy bacteria before disbursement into the spray or drain fields. The art behind keeping septic systems in Canyon Lake and the Texas foothills, running smoothly is a delicate balance of attentiveness, service and education. Three significant factors play into the treatment of sewage in your home’s septic systems: temperature, retention time and the pH balance.

Retention time and pH

Two of those three factors are somewhat within your control. The retention time, for example, is the amount of time your septic system needs to break down your waste before moving it to the next step in its journey. In a properly functioning septic system, this process should be automatic. The pH balance of your septic system—that is, the measure of your system’s acidity—is maintained through an interplay of ingredients that can be found at the nearest septic management expert. The one real test of your septic system is the one thing you can’t truly control: the weather surrounding it.

The changing seasons

Every time the temperature outside rises 18 degrees, the microbial activity in your septic system doubles. The opposite is true as well—every time the temperature drops, microbial activity halves. Those residents with septic tank systems in Canyon Lake, TX and surrounding areas understand the importance of that statement. When the microbial activity of your septic system increases with the warmer water, it breaks down the waste particles in your water much more rapidly than usual. That rapid decay lowers the retention time in your septic system.

Put your septic system in the hands of a pro

There’s so much to keep track of as a homeowner. Your septic system shouldn’t have to be part of your chores, too. Since 1981, the highly-trained team at Countryside Construction Inc. has established the company as the area’s go-to solution for contractors, homeowners and builders at every level. From conception to design, installation to maintenance, our entire team of courteous, knowledgeable professionals is prepared to help you find the perfect customized septic solution for your home. Once it’s installed, our regimen of triannual inspections will ensure that your septic system continues to function flawlessly for years to come. Get in touch with Countryside Construction today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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