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Nowadays, before you’re able to get a septic system installed, you’re required to hire a Septic Engineer. This person will take into consideration property lines, structures and utilities on or near your property to determine the location, size and effluent disbursement method of your system to meet the regulations of the state, county or city municipalities in Comal & the other Texas Counties found on our Homepage.

The Septic Engineer will create a Design of the septic system itself as well as determine the measurements, type & placement of effluent disbursement. The Septic System Design is filed with the proper regulators and becomes part of public record as the permitting process moves forward.

Size of Septic System

The size of the system is determined by the square footage of commercial property & the number of employees OR the number of bedrooms in a home. The municipality codes in place ensure the proper tank size for your needs.

Effluent Disbursement Area

The Septic Engineer conducts site & soil evaluations and determines the area of your property where processed effluent will be environmentally safe for disbursement by means of sprayers, drain field or leaching systems.


An Eco-Friendly Aerobic Septic System promotes any future sale of your property by ensuring your Septic System was designed & Installed to meet the restrictions & requirements in your area.

COUNTRYSIDE CONSTRUCTION, INC. strictly follows the Septic Engineer’s Design of all Septic Systems both when Installing New Systems or Maintaining & Servicing existing systems. With our 30 plus years in this business, you can trust quality in our work.

Call us today and let us help move you forward in the Permitting process in Comal and surrounding Counties. 830-899-2615

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