What to Do if Your Septic System Fails

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You rely on your septic system or effective and reliable operation, so it can be frustrating to deal with a septic system that has failed. When a septic system fails in Comal County, TX, the most important thing is to determine the source of the problem and take steps to address the issue. If you’re dealing with a problematic septic system, or you simply want to make sure you’re prepared in case your system fails in the future, keep reading for some expert tips and advice to help you keep your system working properly.

Causes of septic system failure

There are several different things that can cause a septic system to fail in Comal County, TX. Two of the most common causes of septic system failure are installation flaws and poor maintenance. If a septic system isn’t designed or installed properly, it is far more likely to develop problems over time and it is less likely to work the way it’s supposed to. Septic systems that are installed on sites with bad soil, sloping topography or a high water table are also more likely to fail.

Proper maintenance is essential to the long-term performance of a septic system. If a septic system isn’t maintained by a professional technician on a regular basis, it will rapidly develop all kinds of problems, from leaks and clogs to cracking and corrosion. Septic systems must be maintained at least every three to five years to prevent system failure and minimize issues over time.

How to handle septic system failure

When your septic system fails, it’s important to follow a few key steps. First, make sure you have an idea of the nature of problem. Look for signs of leaking and check your home’s basement and around your foundation for flooding. This will help you determine what kind of a response is necessary. Next, contact a professional who specializes in septic system repair in Comal County, TX. A technician will be able to come to your property and perform an in-depth evaluation of your system to determine what kind of action is needed.

After your technician assesses the situation, they will provide you with repair recommendations based on the condition of your system. There are lots of different repair services that might be necessary, including part replacement, maintenance and placement adjustments. Ask your technician about the cost of these services and the timeline necessary to complete the repairs. This will allow you to plan your project and make sure you’re prepared for whatever services are necessary to get your system working properly again.

Call for septic system repair in Comal County, TX

When your septic system fails in Comal County, TX, contact a reliable team to provide you with repair services. At Countryside Construction Inc., we know how important it is to address septic system problems proactively, and we are here to handle all your repair needs right away. Give us a call to schedule an onsite consultation from our team to receive repair recommendations for your septic system.

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