Will I Need Excavation for My New Septic Installation?

September 14, 2020 8:44 pm Published by Writing Staff

A septic system installation in Southern Texas can be a serious job. Digging and installing a major home system like this is nothing to trifle with, so it’s important to understand what could be necessary if you opt to have such a system put in on your property. Many times, excavation will be a required part of this process, so it’s important to understand what this might mean.

Working with a qualified partner like Countryside Construction Inc. can be a big help in many ways, because we are up to speed on all local codes and regulations, allowing you to feel confident that the job is being done legally, safely and efficiently. Excavating land for a septic system installation requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the process, and our company is well positioned to handle all aspects.

Cutting through the red tape

One advantage of working with a professional septic system company is that we have the knowledge of the permitting and regulatory landscape. These rules can seem overwhelming at times, but when you interact with them every day, as we do, they become much like second nature. Our excavation services in Southern Texas are so efficient at least in part because we have this understanding of the permitting process, so you can rest assured that it’s in the hands of pros who know exactly what they’re doing to get your project approved.

Excavating the site

Once a site for a septic system has been chosen and all paperwork properly handled, we then begin the actual job of excavating the land at the site. This is a much more controlled process than you might be picturing—it’s a highly-practiced and well-understood process, with steps that that need to be strictly followed if we want it done right.

Septic systems need to be buried quite deep if they are to work effectively, so the amount of digging and earth removal that’s required can be sizable. Our teams use a combination of machinery and hand tools in order to move out the necessary amount of land, and are careful not to disturb your property any more than absolutely necessary to get the job done.

Installing the system

The last part of a septic system installation in Southern Texas is actually placing the unit into the excavated space, including all pipes and other materials. Once this has been properly installed and tested, our team then buries the entire system, typically using soil and potentially a mix of gravel as well. We take pride in our ability to leave our clients’ landscapes looking untouched—by the time we’re done, the land will appear as smooth and as consistent as when we began.

If you’re in the market for a septic system installation in Southern Texas or are looking for alternative options like an aerobic treatment system, we want to be your first call. Let Countryside Construction Inc. put our four decades of experience to work for you and leave you with a septic system that will do great work for years to come!

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