Reasons Your Septic System May Be Leaking

March 3, 2022 9:56 pm Published by Writing Staff

As a homeowner, you may start to notice septic system leaks periodically. You want to repair the problem right away and ensure you avoid septic leaks in the future. There are several reasons why your septic system may be leaking. Below are the most common reasons causing this issue and what you can look for moving forward.

1. Old and Damaged Septic Systems

The pipes in your septic system can be damaged and be the reason for the leaks you have. If you have an old septic system, the pipes will corrode and rust over time. In order to rectify this issue, you can replace these pipes after the leak has been fixed to prevent it from happening again.

Even newer pipes can be damaged, and this is often one of the most common issues for leaks in new properties. If you drive over the septic system pipes regularly and put pressure on them, they will start to crack and allow leaks to develop. Tree roots can also obstruct a pipeline, rerouting water and waste, causing unwanted leaks in or around the property.

2. Lack of Maintenance

If your property is a new one, then you have probably put off maintenance on your septic system over the last few years. On average, these systems should be pumped professionally every four to five years to remove any solid build-up that is slugging around in the tank. Too many solids will start to clog your system and put pressure on the pipes, forcing leaks.

3. Excessive Cleaning Products

Like any waste system, natural or not, there is a need for a certain type and amount of bacteria. These bacteria feed on the waste in the system, breaking it down and allowing it to operate more efficiently. If you are a bit overboard on your cleaning products, then they can get into your system and destroy the bacteria. This keeps the good bacteria from breaking down the solids and causes backups in your septic system.

Moving Forward With Septic System Leaks

Once you have determined the cause for the septic leaks, it is important that you restore the pipes and take care of all necessary maintenance. If you would like a consultation or need to speak to a professional, Countryside Construction is ready to assist you with all of your septic system leaks and maintenance needs.

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