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Five Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

May 21, 2018 11:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You might not think twice when you flush something down the toilet, but the items that are channeled through septic systems in Canyon Lake, TX can affect their efficiency and may even cause damage. Using your toilet as a secondary garbage can is a recipe for an overloaded septic system, major pipe obstructions and costly repairs and replacements. As a general rule, the only things that should be flushed down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Find out more about what you should avoid flushing to ensure that your septic system stays in good condition for years to... View Article

Tips to Avoid a Clogged Drain

May 7, 2018 11:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When your plumbing system is working the way it should, it will effectively divert water and waste from your home and dispose of it through the proper channels. Unfortunately, plumbing and septic systems often experience issues as a result of aging, corrosion or normal wear and tear. One of the biggest issues you have to look out for is drain clogs, which can be prevented with proper septic tank maintenance in Canyon Lake, TX. Drains usually become clogged because of an accumulation of debris that shouldn’t be in your septic system in the first place. The good news is that... View Article

What Are the Advantages of Using a Septic System in Canyon Lake, TX?

April 18, 2018 8:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Did you know there are several advantages that come along with using a septic system in Canyon Lake, TX? Many people assume a public sewer system is automatically better than using a private septic system. This is not necessarily true. These people are simply uneducated about the benefits of using a private septic system. Following are a few of the top benefits of installing and maintaining a septic system in Canyon Lake, TX: On-site water treatment: A septic system in Canyon Lake, TX offers a simple, on-site solution to water treatment. The system effectively and efficiently treats all wastewater leaving... View Article

How Septic Systems Work

April 4, 2018 8:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever wondered how septic systems in Canyon Lake, TX work? If your property includes one of these systems, it’s important to have a basic understanding of its operation. This will allow you to properly maintain the system and perform basic troubleshooting procedures. If you ever need repairs, you will also be better equipped to answer questions and discuss your needs with the technician. The Basics Typically, a septic system in Canyon Lake, TX is made up of a septic tank and a drain field. The field is also commonly referred to as an absorption field. The system includes... View Article

Top Reasons to Install a Septic Tank

March 26, 2018 2:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You have two choices when it comes to getting rid of the wastewater in your home. You can either hook your home up to the city’s sewer line, or you can call us for septic tank installation in Canyon Lake, TX. We may be a little bit biased in the matter, but we think going with a septic tank is your best bet. Keep reading to find out why! Sometimes septic tanks are necessary The first (and most common) reason people install septic tanks is because they have to. If you live out in the country and you’re not connected... View Article